“I never saw myself as an adult in my own country. I always thought I’d be living abroad because I just didn’t feel like I belong here. I was away for college in the states but had to return due to visa issues. And when I did, everything had changed. People think it’s easy. TheyContinue reading

International Women’s Day 2019

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, here’s our top 9 most influential stories from women. Let’s thank and appreciate all the women in our lives–our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, teachers, friends, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, etc. 🙂❤️ https://www.tokyointerlopers.com/2019/…/22/deaf-cafe-fingertalk/ (Indonesian opens a cafe where deaf people can work) https://www.tokyointerlopers.com/2018/07/25/disability-in-japan/ (New Zealander talks about her child with disabilities) https://www.tokyointerlopers.com/2018/12/05/global-citizen/Continue reading International Women’s Day 2019