I was feeling sick so I went to see my gynecologist and was told I had polycystic ovary syndrome, which will make it hard for me to get pregnant. My period also stopped. Good thing it got better after two years of treatment. But I wasn’t in good shape. I’d get tired and depressed. And it felt like having a baby would make me one lucky girl, knowing my chances of conceiving. That was 10 years ago.

I met my husband at the gym. We both liked to work out, visit temples or shrines, and go to the beach. We were inseparable, spending every day together. We’d go surfing or hiking in the mountains, any activity we both enjoyed. I guess the biggest surprise of my life was when I got pregnant with his child. My gynecologist couldn’t believe it.

Since becoming a mom, whatever I do depends on my daughter. When she’s asleep, I do this. When she’s awake, I do that. I take care of my needs after feeding her. Before I had her, I only thought of myself and work. Now it’s like my brain’s been rewired. Everything’s changed inside my head.

It’s amazing to watch her grow and develop as a human being. Before, she used to only cry or sleep, now she can hold a cup of water, take her favorite toy out of the box, and even imitate my dance moves.

While she’s learning new things every day, she’s also graduating from breastfeeding and crawling. Which kinda makes me a bit sad. I know she won’t be leaving home anytime soon but the thought still makes me sad.

My hope is for her to live the life she wants, one she truly enjoys and not put up with things because she has to. Please let her be filled with gratitude and may she be surrounded by wonderful people who will bring her love and joy in her heart. That’s the only thing a mother could ever hope for her child.








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