“I’m a 3D artist from Mexico. A week after our wedding, my wife and I moved here. So I’ve only experienced married life in Japan. Everything changed once we boarded that flight to Tokyo. All of a sudden, I can’t be just preoccupied with my hobbies anymore. I’m not just dating my girlfriend or living with my parents any longer. Now I have to be a mature person with adult priorities, like providing for my family. I have to think about our future. But although there are more work opportunities abroad, the language barrier can hold you back. I work for a gaming company (I used to work in the movie industry but Japan’s video gaming industry is much bigger) and my boss asked me at the last evaluation if I wanted to be a supervisor. I wasn’t confident enough with my Japanese level so I turned down the offer. It got me thinking, should I spend more time studying the language instead of working? At my first company, there were seven Mexicans including myself. But months later everyone started leaving. Maybe they found it difficult to adjust. To be honest though, I’ve always liked Japan so I find it easy here. I just pretty much work every day while thinking about our future. Are we going to stay here, move to another country, or buy a house in Mexico? Can we even rely on Japan’s pension system? Also, is this a good place for us long-term? People here don’t seem to have much clue about Mexicans apart from American movie references like Sicario, which is about the US-Mexico border, drug trafficking, all that stuff.”

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Finding diversity and inclusion. Breaking down barriers one post at a time. Stories and snapshots of foreigners making their way in Japan.

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