Cambodia Festival 2019

“We’re all from Cambodia. It’s famous for Angkor Wat, a temple complex with religious monuments. Have you ever been? We came to Japan to study because Japan is a famous destination and getting a degree here means a lot.”

Guy wearing a mask: “I’m majoring in electrical engineering. I hope to apply my knowledge and skills back home someday. Today and tomorrow there’s a Cambodian festival in the park so we’re here to sell Cambodian food.”

“We’re Buddhist monks from Cambodia. We’re attending today’s Cambodian festival in Tokyo. But more importantly, we came here to promote Cambodian Buddhism in Japan. Life in Japan is very different from Cambodia because it’s very advanced and the standard of living here is very high. While back home we’re still developing. But we want to foster and cultivate understanding between us. Wouldn’t it be great if people appreciate more the culture, religion, different customs and traditions? Having other perspectives and seeing other ways of thinking can help improve and give more meaning to our lives. Please enjoy today’s festival.”

“We’re Burmese. To the uninitiated, that means we come from Myanmar. The largest city back home is called Yangon. There’s markets, lakes, and most of all, the Shwedagon Pagoda. I came to Japan for work. I’m a CG engineer and my dream is to master Japanese technology. They’re so advanced. I even brought my wife and we had our 4-month-old baby here. Japan is a great place to earn a living. It’s peaceful and a bit of a contrast from some of the problems we have in Myanmar, with all the political strife and internal conflict. I hope I can build a good future for my family.”

“Don’t mind my friend. He’s just a little camera shy. Do you want to order anything? We’re from Nigeria and this is our food stall for today’s Cambodia festival.”

Shy friend: “Take his picture, not mine. He’s the boss. Or maybe come back tomorrow and I’ll give you a story. Same time, same place (Yoyogi Park).”

“I’m from Phnom Penh. It’s the capital of Cambodia. I’ve been in Japan for 2 years now, painting walls. Life here is very tough. Japanese is so difficult to learn. Plus I have to send money back home.”

“We’re best friends. We hail from Cambodia. I’m a construction worker and he does cleaning services for households and business establishments. Life in Japan is so fun. I’m loving it. Wages back home are so low so it’s better to work here. But of course we have to send money home. It’s ok because we don’t have a girlfriend now. But who knows, maybe today we’ll get lucky.”

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Finding diversity and inclusion. Breaking down barriers one post at a time. Stories and snapshots of foreigners making their way in Japan.

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