Hope Lives

“The situation in Algeria is really bad. We have huge political and social problems, not to mention youth unemployment is sky high. For most people back home, going abroad is difficult. They’re even dying while attempting to cross the sea to Europe. The government limits the number of visas issued. Scholarships are scarce and good research programs are hard to come by. And it hurts me to see my country like this because I had parents who encouraged me to pursue my dreams and be the best I can be. My mother is a lawyer and my dad was mayor. Me and my brother were fortunate to have grown up in an encouraging environment. Sadly, it’s not always possible for other Algerian families with limited opportunities. That’s why I want to speak up, be an ambassador for my country, and say there is hope amidst the political and social crises back home. I’m studying in Japan now, under a scholarship from the Japanese government. I found out about this opportunity after someone posted it on Facebook. Before that, I attended a top engineering school in France and also worked there. Most of us are multilingual. I have two mother tongues and speak Berber, Arabic, French, Italian…and now some Japanese.”

Living in a foreign country with a different culture gives richness to life. It makes you think differently. Speaking different languages also makes you see things from a different perspective and enables you to resolve things in different manners.


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Finding diversity and inclusion. Breaking down barriers one post at a time. Stories and snapshots of foreigners making their way in Japan.

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