Bicultural Boundaries in Japan



“The half-Japanese community in Japan is really strong. We seem to band together. Maybe because there was a film made in 2010 about half-Japanese people that brought everybody out of the shadows. Suddenly people who grew up in a bicultural, biracial household have other people to talk to about these things. That bonds you together, even if that’s the only thing you have in common. No matter what age or nationality, that one link ties you together. So when I came to Japan and started meeting people in the half-Japanese community, it was a really strong sense of home for me. It feels like a family.”


【翻訳:Tomomi Yuri】

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Born and raised in Seattle, Washington Tim is currently living and working in metropolitan Tokyo, Japan. Heavily influenced from scenic vistas of the Pacific Northwest, Tim’s photographic style demonstrates the dichotomy between urban landscapes seamlessly fused with nature and seeks to show the beauty found in everyday life.

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