Starting a Family

“When he got a job offer in Japan, I must admit I wasn’t so crazy about the idea. Sure, we were looking for a change and to go overseas. But seeing how Japanese people are shown as workaholics in the news, I was reluctant to move here. We thought their strict work culture would be so different from India’s more relaxed style. Plus, I was considering job offers in Singapore and Korea myself. However, we’re glad we decided to come to Japan because we fell in love with this country the moment we arrived. The work environment might even be better here.

That was almost five years ago. Now we’re happy to announce that we’re starting a family.

“Although we’ll have to rethink our plans in another five years, when our child starts school. We’re not sure if Japan’s the best place for her to get an education since we’re both Indians. Indians come to Japan for work, not necessarily to send their kids to school. Also, we’re both under contract labor (he’s an electrical engineer, I’m a civil engineer), so there’s some risk in terms of our visa status. Perhaps it’s better to apply for permanent status, like what a lot of Indians who are happy to stay do.

Sea Fort Square near Tennōzu Isle Station

“So far, I guess the biggest issue we’ve had is that medical facilities are almost only in Japanese. Communication with doctors, nurses, and admin people of hospitals is all in Japanese, which worries me because my questions involve delicate stuff about having a baby. Good thing there’s a group of interpreters who help foreigners like us.”



【翻訳:Loving Life in Tokyo

Can’t wait to meet the newest member of the family

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