Two Faces of Fashion


“I’m half-Swiss, half-Bolivian, and my first contact with Japan was when I was working in the fashion industry in Hong Kong. My boss, who was Japanese, introduced me to high-end denim products that just blew my mind. It was the kind of quality and craftsmanship people pay top dollar for. He also showed me a more sustainable way of dyeing and making denim (since we’re not exactly the most environmentally-friendly industry). Then, after going back home to Switzerland, an opportunity to study abroad in Tokyo came about.

I told myself I should take the leap despite not knowing anything about their customs or the language.

I figured the challenge would help me confront my fear of the unknown. Plus, people in Hong Kong kept going on and on about how much they love going to Japan on holiday.

“Now that I’m here in Tokyo, I’m overwhelmed by the lights and all the noise. The streets are overflowing with people, information and advertisements. So many distractions, like parties and events. One time, a trip to the grocery store with some friends turned into drinks at a bar, which led to meeting another group of friends and we ended up getting home around 6 am.

You can easily lose focus, your money, or even your mind here. It’s too much consumerism even for a city girl like me.

That’s why now I try to escape from Tokyo every two weeks by visiting temples in Kyoto or going somewhere close to nature, to find my inner peace.”




【翻訳:Tomomi Yuri】

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Born and raised in Seattle, Washington Tim is currently living and working in metropolitan Tokyo, Japan. Heavily influenced from scenic vistas of the Pacific Northwest, Tim’s photographic style demonstrates the dichotomy between urban landscapes seamlessly fused with nature and seeks to show the beauty found in everyday life.

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