Love Across Borders


“I’m married to a Japanese man and it always surprises people when they find out we met in Russia. It was at a party, to be exact. I was studying Russian and so was he, although at different universities. We talked and I thought he was smart and interesting, so we started going out. But then after six months he said, ‘OK I’m going back home to Japan now. Bye!’ I said, ‘No, I’m coming with you.’ And so here I am. However, this isn’t my first time in Japan. When I was 18, I traveled around for a month, from Tokyo to Hiroshima, which was a great experience because I had always been interested in Japan. I really love the culture.

But when I got back to Nantes (my hometown in France), my Japan mania was over.

Not sure what happened, but after a month of seeing the real side of Japan—how tough life in Tokyo can be and how tired people looked (especially salarymen)—my idealized image of the Japanese broke down. Suddenly, it gave me a somber look at them, one that was different from what I had seen in anime, manga, video games and music videos. So years later, when I decided to marry my husband and ended up back in Japan, I thought to myself, ‘Wait, that was not part of the plan.’ But I’m back now and I’m here to stay.”




【翻訳:Junko Kato Asaumi

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Born and raised in Seattle, Washington Tim is currently living and working in metropolitan Tokyo, Japan. Heavily influenced from scenic vistas of the Pacific Northwest, Tim’s photographic style demonstrates the dichotomy between urban landscapes seamlessly fused with nature and seeks to show the beauty found in everyday life.

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